Simplified bookings for group calls, packages and 1:1s

Bookvid eliminates the back-and-forth. Clients self-schedule time with you, and you get paid instantly with Venmo/PayPal. You keep 100% of what you charge.

Create your free booking page in 1 minute.

Connect your Venmo or PayPal account.

Clients enter their payment when they book, so you get paid at the end of each call.

Connect your Venmo or PayPal account.

Clients enter their payment when they book, so you get paid at the end of each call.

Get notified of new bookings, and watch your calendar (and your wallet) grow.

We’ll text you about new bookings and send you a calendar invitation, as well as notify you both 10 minutes before the meeting.

Why Bookvid?

Instant Calendar Syncing + Payment

Your calendar updates with new bookings instantly. After each call, payment hits your account. 

Safe + Secure

Every call is encrypted and HIPAA compliant to ensure complete and total privacy. 

Integrates with


"Bookvid helped me grow my business."

I added a booking link to my IG Bio, and immediately started getting texts about new bookings. They appeared directly in my calendar, so it was easy to manage. Immediately after each call, payment hits my venmo.

Stephanie Daily, Matchmaker


The % of entrepreneurs who keep using bookvid after the first 6 months.


The average amount users report making in their first month using Bookvid.


The most common platforms that people use to display their Bookvid links.

15 Clients

The average number of clients that a typical Bookvid Creator has within the first month of trying to sell their services.

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Bookvid FAQ

Are there any fees? 

Bookvid is completely free to use for Creators (i.e. if you charge $50 for a call, you will be paid exactly $50). Customers pay an 8.5% platform fee upon checkout. 

How do I get paid? 

You can choose between PayPal or Venmo to receive payments. You will be paid instantly at the end of each call. No need to wait for a bi-weekly paycheck!

What is the maximum amount that I can make with Bookvid? 

Your earning potential is unlimited. You set your prices!

How can I view my upcoming call bookings? 

Bookvid automatically syncs with your calendar if you choose to connect it. You will be able to see upcoming calls directly in your calendar, as well as in the Appointments section when you log in to your account. We’ll text you and email you about new bookings, and notify you again 10 minutes before the call.

Where can my clients find my schedule? 

People can see your available time slots when you share your bookvid link with them.

How do I get more client calls? 

Message our support team at for marketing tips and tricks to grow your business.

What if I have more questions? 

Reach out to us! Our team prides itself on connecting with each of our creators. Please email all questions to