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How it Works

Set up your custom booking page in 1 minute

Everything you need to manage your business in one simple page. You just set your prices.

Seamless booking that syncs with your calendar

No more back-and-forth. Share your Bookvid link so people can pay for an open time slot on your calendar.

Instant Venmo payments after every call

People pre-pay for calls and you receive payment when the call ends. We've got you covered for no-shows and inappropriate behavior.


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It's like they took all the hassle out of consulting. I enjoy what I do so much more now.

Jennifer Musk

Frequently asked questions

How does bookvid work?

Bookvid is a browser-based solution for paid video calls. You or your clients do not need to download an application to make a call. Instead of a phone number, you get a personal link that you can share with your customers. When a customer clicks the link, a call session is initiated between you and your client. The client is prompted for payment before the call begins.Our service is very easy to use and will get you started to accept calls from your customers in minutes.

Is Bookvid safe?

All calls are encrypted and secured. Only you and your client can connect to the call. You can be sure that all that is said in your call is and will remain completely confidential.

How do I get paid?

We will pay your earnings to your Venmo account after every legitimate and appropriate call.

What are the available payment options for my customers?

Our service accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club credit and debit cards.We accept payments from 135+ countries in the world. This means that you can accept customers from most countries in the world.

Can I answer calls from my cell/mobile?

Yes, you can! The bookvid platform fully supports you to be able to answer calls from your computer and from your smartphone. We also offer reminder notifications that will notify you when a client appointment is approaching.

How will my clients connect with me?

When you register you will create your own personal link.It will look something like: This link provides you with your own booking page. Through your link, your customers can book a call with you, and check your availability. If a customer books a call from your profile page you will be notified about the call.

How much does Bookvid cost?

There is no fee for creators and consultants. There are no hidden costs. We charge the customer paying for the call a 5% platform fee. Our fee is needed to cover hosting, platform maintenance and development cost. We only get paid if you receive revenue from your client.

How do I share my link?

When you register you get to choose your personal link. You can share this with your customers on your webpage or social media. You can also send your link in emails.

What about taxes?

You as a service provider are responsible for the collection and/or payment of all Taxes which you may be liable for in any jurisdiction arising from your sales via

Do your payment provider Stripe report to IRS?
If you receive more than $20,000 in payments from Stripe in a single year and if your payments (regardless of total amount) are from more than 200 payors, Stripe will file a Form 1099-K return with the IRS, reporting the total amount received.This is a requirement for all third-party payment brokering services, not  Stripe alone.